Anni Dewani – Black Eye on Olympic Bid?


South Africa is considering a bid to host the 2020 or 2024 Olympic games.

This would be the first ever Olympics in Africa – pretty crazy when you think about it, as some of our greatest athletes come from the continent of Africa.

“It is the dream of the International Olympic Committee that developing countries are given an opportunity to host the Olympics,” Sam said at a joint media briefing with IOC president Jacques Rogge in Johannesburg.

“It is now up to the government, the national Olympic committee and the sporting community whether or not this country takes the decision to bid for the Games,” Sam said.

South Africa is definitely a country of extremes – great beaches and Night-Life, and one of the highest crime rates in world.  It also has one of the highest Gini Coefficients, which is a measure of the inequality of distribution.

The murder of Anni Dewani in Cape Town recently, did give the country an international black eye.  Some people seem to also refer to her as Anil Dewani.

Two men have been arraigned in connection with the murder of the tourist, the SABC reported.

One of them has been positively identified as 31-year-old Zola Tongo, who was the driver of the vehicle in which Dewani was found murdered.

Police said she had a bullet wound to the neck.

The other is 25-year-old Mziwamadoda Qwabe.

Are you looking for Anil Dewani?  People seem to be confusing the name Anni Dewani with Anil Dewani.

Anni Dewani or Anil Dewani

Suspects in Annie(Anil) Dewani Murder in Capetown South Africa

Death Penalty in South Africa:

There is no death penalty in SA and there is no chance in hell it would be applied. Try being realistic instead of being prone to hysteria. The first part of your statement makes sense and it is a question the husband needs to answer. These are the questions I would ask the husband 1. Why did you choose this particular vehicle instead of those recommended by the hotel or regular cabs. 2. You had already had a meal in StrandSomerset West that evening, why were you looking for a place to eat just 30 minutes later? 3. Having been to South Africa before and having relatives in the country, were you not aware of the danger of townships at night (even in India you would not dare visit some areas) 4. Once your driver to you into Gugulethu, you claim you did not see the crooks coming towards the car because you and your late wife were looking at photos taken earlier? Surely, having gone to a place that was new to your wife, would it not have been to your benefit to see the place you had made a detour to see?


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